Thursday, August 30, 2007

Onam Kazchakkal

I had a moving view of Onam in people’s life, thanks to the emergency hospital trip. I was in pain, in a kind of panic-driven state and I wanted to shift my attention. The roadside views were perfect. Everything provoked thought; at times happy thought, at times sympathetic ones, at times a brief though followed dutifully by a sarcastic smile.

Every junction was blaring songs on speakers…either Hindi Album songs or Tamil hits.
Great, just what was needed for Onam!

Men-folk were mostly drunk – their legs hardly had any idea where they were going.
Perfect, Mahabali must be pleased!

Kids in new attire, in all happiness and vigor of festivity.

Most junctions & courtyards having a bunch of people playing cards.
Good. Gaming spirit.

A verandah with an old ammumma & appupan. Appupan sipping something in a steel glass( presuming it to be payasam) while the Ammumma peers at our vehicle with a peculiar gleam in the eyes and a radiant smile on her face. Swiftly the gleam and smile disappear and a momentary sadness occupies. But just for a second. The lady again peps up and continues her wait.
Sympathy. Imagining their loneliness.
Resolution. To try my level best to see that my parents don’t face a similar fate later.
Understanding. How hard and painful yet in a strange way fulfilling parenting can be.
Afterthought. Will my Onams be like theirs after another 50years?
Prayer. God , PLEASE let Onam be very very special & full of happiness for all parents.

Since I was in terrible pain, I hope God did listen to my prayer.
For I know he made my parents happy again (as my pain was brought under control and I was back to normal)...