Monday, August 17, 2009

Chingam 1st

Don't know how familiar this word is to most of my friends who read my blogs. It is the New Year as per the Malayalam Calendar. The month when Onam is celebrated.

Unlike all these past years, this Chingam is very special to me.

Today, am stepping formally, full time into the career of my dreams. It's like I have got the wings to fly to my dream. My efforts, my passion, my dreams all have the same direction now but the wind surely has to be supportive. I need all the prayers, good wishes, motivation, support and healthy criticism I can.

More to say about what is so special about this (Mallu) New Year. But guess my heart is quite full to write anymore. Will catch up with more as soon as I get a grip on myself.

Till then am on celebration mode ! Yipeeeeeeee...............

[pic courtesy: google; reworked on request by Praveen Stanley Johnson]