Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 Rupee Rides

Those were the days.

B.H.E.L. Township ; gang of kids of different ages with a single obsession- bicycle ; baby Meenakshi a 7 year old gang member - a gang memeber whose parents felt she was too small to ride a cycle; a rundown shop, Subhash Bhai's cyle shop- ranging from cycle repairs to cycle rentals; one rupee per hour for a cycle; baby M's half pedal efforts; the several falls; broken knee & elbows; a complete year of undying dedication and baby M was competing guys in the team on stunts; got to ride sister's BIG cycle too.....

But all thanks to dear old Subhash Bhai- who made those one rupee rides possible( and after some months at a discounted fifty paise).