Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Shifting !!!

am shifting.. Its like moving into a house I have been dreaming for years.. Yes; but it isn't actually a home shifting that am talking about, but a shift from blogosphere. 6 blogs were gettign a bit too handful to maintain and to read (as reported by trusted sources). So, here is the solution. am moving all my blogs under a single roof; where as desired before by me, you could choose which section you'd want to read or not ( From the Menu) and if you aren't particular, I'd be really happy if you go through all. Its just created today. So, the site-warming (if there exists a term like that) is today.. Like when we move home, we still expect our friends to visit us and be friends.. All my friends here are requested to come and be a part of my new site Banter Battery.

 Can't tell you how glad I am to be a domain owner. So, Meenakshi Nair is the official owner / Boss at .Waiting to meet you all there !!!

P.S : A big big bear hug to Raghu ji for making this suppressed dream a reality. I was so very excited and moved by the kind of initiative and trouble he went through for this, I don't even remember saying as much as a thank you to him. Maybe am not that good at mouthing my emotions verbally. But really, from the bottom of my heart; Thanks a ton!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cleaning my Foot !

Something seems to have got into my head;or more aptly my foot. I seem to be obsessed with its cleanliness.There was a time, I loved my feet. They were flawless. The object of my admiration every night before sleep. But now.. blame it on the chic sandals that have left my feet exposed to pollution,sandal-bites,rain water,sun,moon and what not ; I sleep with a socks on to avoid looking at my pathetic feet. My former homemate found it strange, but dismissed it as one of my many eccentricities. All my friends maintain that my feet look pretty. But I maintain -not pretty enough for my liking! However I too dismissed this uncanny obsession as another of my "different" traits.  I wash my feet more times than I would wash my face. I use soap to wash my face, but Lotus face wash is used on my feet. I have no cream for my face, but I use Dove moisturizing cream for my feet. But things went a bit too far last Sunday.I found in a magazine a way to have a pedicure at home (I hate going to beauty parlour, so I pounced on the advice) and tried it:
1) Remove your nail polish with a quality nail polish remover.
2) Put your feet in hot water with shampoo mixed in it. Keep moving your feet moving it slightly rubbing them agianst each other till the water turns cold.
3) use pumice stone and gently rub your feet.
4) use a foot file and scrub off with pressure all dead layers of skin from your feet.
5) use an exfoliating creame and gently massage your feet.
6) Wash off.
7) Put 2 coats of nailpolish and allow to dry

I followed each step painstakingly with a greed for nothing more than awesome looking feet. 
The result :
*I spent 296 Rs in the commodities needed (the gas charges, etc not included 'cos I get it free at home)
*I burn my feet slightly (I am not sure if my toes look pinkish because of the massage or because they are half cooked)
*My legs have scratch marks as if I was caught inside a thicket full of metal thorns.(They get darker and uglier with each passing day - never thought I could be such a sadist with myself).

So I have a resolution already in mind for the coming year; to get over the obsession with the cleanliness of my feet. If I can manage to survive happily with an unclean room and an absolute pandemonium struck wardrobe space, I should be able to live through with dirty feet.

Oops, there seems to be some dirt between my toe nails. Lemme clean it first, catch ya later.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Official Announcement.

I am Engaged! I have found the guy I would be spending my life with and a new family am absolutely in love with. My parents are more happy than I can tell and surprisingly, I am happy too.

We would be getting married only next year.. In the meanwhile, we have an official license to some romance-time.

There are a whole load of episodes, tensed nerves and absolutely bonkers times before I could say the above lines. They shall soon be shared.

[ Believe it or not: This was the exact wording on the notice put up on the Display board on the Reception of the Hotel we got engaged in. Pun or error? I think the later, but can't be sure. Luckily people were so engrossed in everything else, no one other than me and my brother in law found anything amiss in the wordings. My Jijaji; my sister's husband assures me that whoever did it couldn't ever be more right. "You are encaged till you are completely trapped". lol. so planning to enjoy this  "encagement" period. Any suggestions,please? ]