Friday, December 07, 2007


If a person runs out of talk time on a Sunday eve the person is doomed; at least till Monday morning…..

Is it???? Not really**

With Saviors out on the road; and surprisingly on the Trivandrum roads….

An urgent call to make; 30 paise balance; search for a recharge shop; dejected ; disappointed; silently calling those shopkeepers who don’t open shops on Sundays names; wondering what next to do…..That’s when the “lady in distress” stumbles upon the Samaritan handicapped “beggar”. The conversation goes as follows:

Beggar(hereafter as B): “What do you want?”
Lady(hereafter as L): “Will this shop open?”(pointing to a shop adjacent to the temple in front of which the beggar was seated)
B: “No, What do you want?”
L: “Recharge Card”
B: “Which Connection?”
Lady a bit confused a bit irritated considers walking away. But somehow manages
L: “Airtel”
B: “For what amount?”

With those words the person dug his hand into the ragged cloth bag next to him and produced several recharge cards.

The Lady was ecstatic. she had intended to buy just the minimum of 20Rs card, she was so overwhelmed that she bought a card for 100 Rs/-.
The surprise package wasn’t over; the Beggar spoke to the Lady in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu…
The Lady was impressed….She had to be ‘cause she dint know Tamil and Telgu.
The Lady was happy…she got talk time and the urgent call was dealt with satisfactorily…

She thanked God….and surely the modest person on the road; whom others might call a beggar but for her no less than a “Savior”

She thanked God….”Thank you God for not bounding capability and enterprise just to a few people”

She pleaded to God…”God please let people with capabilities and inner strength and vision make name& fame in the world and not go unnoticed….”

God in his heaven, Lady in her house, the person humbly serving people near the temple; Alls well with the world…[Hopefully].