Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Should I Marry ???

Why should I marry???

* Because I am 23 years old?
* Because I have quit full-time studying and have started working too?
* Because the "world" thinks I'm almost past my ideal age to marry?
* Because other girls around my neighbourhood & cousins younger to me are getting married?
* Because it is long since my parents have had no answer to people's question as to why their youngest daughter ain't getting married?
* Because my elder sister (who is 10 years elder to me) is happily married and has a kid too.
* Because my marriage would "free" my parents of responsibilities?(as if it would)
* Because marriage is the key to happiness for a single girl? (the same world says the opposite to single men)
* Because getting married "must be" my ultimate goal in life which must be fulfilled "now" ?
* Because I "should be" desperate by now to marry?
* Because at my age all my dreams must encompass around the golden word "marriage" ?
* Because by now I must have a clear picture of the kind of guy I must be getting married to thus making it easier to find him?

Guess, the list goes endlessly on... but none convincing enough.