Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Should I Marry ???

Why should I marry???

* Because I am 23 years old?
* Because I have quit full-time studying and have started working too?
* Because the "world" thinks I'm almost past my ideal age to marry?
* Because other girls around my neighbourhood & cousins younger to me are getting married?
* Because it is long since my parents have had no answer to people's question as to why their youngest daughter ain't getting married?
* Because my elder sister (who is 10 years elder to me) is happily married and has a kid too.
* Because my marriage would "free" my parents of responsibilities?(as if it would)
* Because marriage is the key to happiness for a single girl? (the same world says the opposite to single men)
* Because getting married "must be" my ultimate goal in life which must be fulfilled "now" ?
* Because I "should be" desperate by now to marry?
* Because at my age all my dreams must encompass around the golden word "marriage" ?
* Because by now I must have a clear picture of the kind of guy I must be getting married to thus making it easier to find him?

Guess, the list goes endlessly on... but none convincing enough.


Anonymous said...

Yes girlie....For all of the above should be married by the ripe old age of 23....really...believe it coming from a per the Indian society off course!

Funny though how both of us blogged on similar topics around the same time!!! :)

Hashir Tufail said...

great post... I too wrote about something on the same lines - do read that

Meenakshi said...

@ Choco
Oh Puhleeezzeee.. "ripe old age "?? I still feel like a kid.. :(

maybe the season of talking about marriages/relationships 'cos even Hashir has a post around the smae time.. :)

@ Hashir
Thnaks. :) read ur article and commented too.. :)

blunt edges said...

lol...u r 23 n u r past ur ideal age 2 marry!!! rofl :D:D:D

well now dat u know exactly why u shud marry...wen u plannin 2 do it??? ;)

just outta curiosty...wat do u do wid 5 blogs dat u cant do wid one? :D
n 2 top it one turned out 2 be empty!

read 3 posts on dis...n one each on d others...congrats on ur cartoon network i can tell my frenz dat a cartoon network superstar checked out my blog! lol :D:D:D

ps: blog-rollin u :)

Lakshmi said...

Cool.. the very things going on in my mind... N i m jus runnin 22... Mayb ll write a similar post next yr...
First time here.. Liked ur blog.. u ll be seeing me around :)

Lakshmi said...

N Miss.. I loved all ur blogs... expect one, in which nothin was found... nyways.. gr8 work...

Meenakshi said...

@blunt edges

interesting question."what can I do with 5 blogs that I cannot do with one" - true,except satisfying my obssessive compulsive disorder of having all my writings carefully categorized.
and I actually manage 9 blogs,only 5 of which are visible to public. :)

About the empty blog,that shows my desire to record all the movies & books I read, shouts about my laziness & implies how much I need to update here on Blogger.

Thanks for the Cartoon network thingy. & tell ur friends, m gonna be a regular reader of ur blog.gonna follow ur blog.. I need my dose of good reading.. :)

Thanks a lot dear. would be more than happy to see you around and to keep dropping by on ur blog too.
Just as I told Blunt edges, the empty blog won't be empty too long.

Parikshith Kumar said...

Marriage ponderings at 23? I guess you should be writing this post at 32 :-)

I enjoyed reading this post, and your other blogs too. My! You've got 5 different blogs? I wonder how you find time to manage all of them!

Keep writing, miss. Cheers. :-)

Meenakshi said...

@Parikshith (gosh, surely people who use your name often enough don't call you this??)

Oh 32.. that seems like a stretch(even to me).. But I wish i could have 2-3 years more before my parents find a groom for me. i feel 25-26 is not too old for a girl to to get married; but somehow everyone around me-my parents, even my otherwise supportive sister, relatives & the whole world around me assert otherwise.


Grayquill said...

A study was done in the USA showing that being married at he age of 28 yielded the most successful marriages.
The other thing - what the world says is usually not based in wisdom. I think you got it right.

Meenakshi said...


I completely agree to the survey & I am almost sure that I'm right ; but my only woe happens to be that no one else including my family seem to agree with me.. :(

God already has a decision made up for me, I just need to wait for it. I have put all my faith on God & will happily accept what God feels is best for me; and then put my efforts in to make it better than the best... :)

ASR said...

has asked the same quest to many of my answer i liked is

"At <25 all ur frnds will b around u n if u hav money u can enjoy.After 30(for boys) most of our frnds will b married n they would like to spent time more with their spouse than with frnds n if kids = additional responsibility. At that time we feel alone unless an introvert."

being a girl u reach this stage before 30

Meenakshi said...

Gosh, that answer too fails to convince me. yep I agree that girls attain that stage much much before 30.'cos most of my girl friends are already married & yes a few have kids too. But luckily, i don't feel lonely; 'cos no matter how busy they are the friendship still lives and plus there is so many people in the world and so many things to do.

Also another reason must be that when guys are bachelors and with friends, they get involved in a lot of fun, frolic and activities; while most girls tend to be more talkative and emote more in friendship.

Shanu said...

Man u have captured my sentiments..and trust me if u are past marriageable age at 23..i dunno wat the wrld has come parents are cool..they dont pressurize me and blv that a gal has reached a mrgble age wen she is ready to get cool is that :)

Meenakshi said...

@ Shanu

Thats really cool.

My parents too have not pressurized me yet (at least not directly); but they make a point that i know of all the comments people make, all the prospective proposals piling up and the casual "when do you think we should start responding to these proposals?"

Grayquill said...

I am a parent and we just can't help ourselves.
Trusting in God is a good place to be. I especially like the putting in the effort.
You are going to do fine.

The M said...

Trust me, this is something that goes about in every middle class Indian household. My sis is 26 and she's getting married to her bf of 7 years this year. Man, it was some decision!!!!

Even though boys make all dose jokes, I guess most boys would be willing to get married by this age!!! :-)

Afterall, 23 years of happiness is enough for us boys na??? :-P

And if u still worried about it, just check this out. Boys from some areas of Malapuram are "married off" at 20-21. Happy??

And with luck (or ill-luck, would be like u define it), ur horoscope might hav problems and it would be years before u get married. Till then, u can practice the age old tradition of bringing tea n peeping from behind d doors!! Jus kidding!!!

All the best!!!

workhard said...

If you feel so.. true..

Wish u a very happy married life..

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