Saturday, May 16, 2009

At Last ! ! !

Shiva, an animated film is going to be aired on Cartoon Network from tomorrow, May 17th 2009. I happen to have contributed to its script and have dubbed for the character Devi Parvathy.

It surely isn't the dream work of mine, surely not the best I can; but surely marks the first step of my dream.. My name appears on screen for the first time and that too on Cartoon Network at Indian Prime Time 12 pm..

Gosh, am I excited??? bet on it.. i feel like the first grader who got her first school bag and new water bottles.. can't wait for tomorrow.. :)

At last, something is happening. And of course something is better than nothing.. :)


buggy said...

what what what!!!!......break a coconut on my head!!!!....duniya me kya kya ho raha hey!!!

Sharad Sharma said...

oh nice.. All the best :)

Meenakshi said...

buggy..yea u really break a coconut on ur head..cos u happen to be the big shot of the stuff, right.. The Director, the Producer, blah, blah, blah...

BrownPhantom said...

Congrats :).
Is there a link on youtube or somewhere else ?
Came here through orkut blog communities. :)

workhard said...

Aftr u watch it you should have put up a review..

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