Sunday, March 22, 2009

Political Joke

Some days back I received a call from a relatively unknown person , to woo me into campaigning for one of my Dad's friend who happens to be contesting for the coming elections from the place where I have done part of my schooling and college. Weird; esp because they chose me to do the task. Practical; because, if I have say about 300 contacts with youngsters in the place and I campaign them into voting for him; about 5 campaigners like me would guarantee him success.

But with due respect to the old man, I had to nod NO.. Just because I hate the politics of present day India (especially Kerala) and I hate the POLITICIANS who are responsible for the degeneration of healthy politics.

That put another question in my head. I must exercise my right to Vote and I would want to motivate all my friends to do the same. But whom do I vote for??? I am not any party's follower and I would want to vote for an able person, an individual I can be sure would be a fair representative of the masses. But till now I havn't come across one Contestant which could convince me as a voter to vote for him.

So that puts me in a dillemma. How would my vote count if I have to choose one from a basket full of rotten apples??? I don't like rotten apples, thus it doesn't make a difference if they are fully rotten or partially. But If I don't vote, I maybe letting the worst of the lot take away the game. If someone has a solution, please educate me. I hope I can make some difference by casting my vote.

Why can't the Election system be something similar to the one we had in school?? Where the entire class chose the contestants and the cass chose from among the contestants, who would monitor the class. Why can't the public suggest candidates, and not the parties?? When would we have young blood into politics who work on the true principles of politics and social welfare?? Or will we just witness the Political system in our country rot and wither away??