Monday, November 10, 2008


Madhur Bhandarkar: the name itself brought in a lot of expectation.

Fashion held my interest, not just because of the trailers but also all the reviews and interviews said. So after a long gap, I went for the movie Fashion. The theatre gave a small hint- it was near empty, however that makes me more comfortable than otherwise. The movie starts, the music gives me goosebumps- but nothing that I would want to hear again; Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Mugdha Godse, along with all the other models in the movie make excellent eye candy, story line is good- could have been surely improvised. Madhur Bhandarkar with his cast had visited the Siddhivinayaka Temple for blessings. Mr Bhandarkar also feels that Fashion is his best movie till now, though I feel it would be Traffic Signal.

Anyway, the prayers seem to be granted. Kangane Ranaut gets a "Hats off to you" from me. A person with no background in modelling, did a terrrific job on the ramp.She had the attitude and grace which unfortunately even professional models like Priayanka and Mugdha could not outdo. Apart from all the skin shown by everyone on the movie, genuine acting is showcased by Kangana. Priyanka is not bad, but when compared she is quite down the graph.

As is Bhandarkar's style, girls steal the show in 'Fashion' too. Overall an OK movie. 2 and an half hour is fine; nothing more nothing less.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Drawing Class

With God’s grace I have worked in the best of workplaces and I enjoyed every moment of working. My present office is full of artists who work magic with paper, pencils and the high tech comps and it’s as if I am a normal human being lost in a wonderland. Luckily, I myself sport enough eccentricity to be a part of them.

However, I am inspired like never before to draw/sketch. For all my buddies in school for whom I drew the record books and the ones who couldn’t stop praising all those beautiful art work I managed in the zoology & botany Record books; thanks for strengthening the illusion that I could draw. With me illusions have never taken much time to get shattered.

One typical day at work; senior artists on their routine creation of magic. The trainees being like small pixies learning to cast spells - the spells might go a bit haywire, yet the magic sure is there. I roam around these magicians in between my work. With a sudden unexpected speed I tell one of the senior artists that I want to learn to draw as well.

So that’s how the class starts. I take up a few sheets of drawing paper, several pencils and eraser eager to become a magician myself. My instructor instructs me in all seriousness to draw circles of all size in free hand. My hopes get thwarted. I guess I was looking for some sort of a crash course. Still I tried to do it for about 5 minutes, while my patience ran out.

And that’s how the class ended. I decide that am better off as a simple normal human than a magician.
[ Does it remind you of a fox and some grapes which turn out sour??? ]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 Rupee Rides

Those were the days.

B.H.E.L. Township ; gang of kids of different ages with a single obsession- bicycle ; baby Meenakshi a 7 year old gang member - a gang memeber whose parents felt she was too small to ride a cycle; a rundown shop, Subhash Bhai's cyle shop- ranging from cycle repairs to cycle rentals; one rupee per hour for a cycle; baby M's half pedal efforts; the several falls; broken knee & elbows; a complete year of undying dedication and baby M was competing guys in the team on stunts; got to ride sister's BIG cycle too.....

But all thanks to dear old Subhash Bhai- who made those one rupee rides possible( and after some months at a discounted fifty paise).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting to be back

Dear dear Blog....

By no chance have I forgotten you nor do I have any intention of avoiding you... There are oodles and oodle of things happening... and as soon as i sort everything, i will be back with a bang to shower you with each and everything to make up for the time you felt neglected and unused...

Till then pray for me !!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Illusions don't last long...
Nor do wishes...
However hopes do last till one dies...

Am dead ;

no illusions, no wishes, no dreams, no hopes.

The only thing that reminds me of life is the jarring pain that lingers;

lingers as a continuum and omnipotent.

( Photo cortesy : Mr Arun Syamalan )

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year 2008 .

New Year New Year. :)

the beginning is too good. hope it goes on just like this..

this new year has in store for me ample crucial issues:
All of which I have taken upon myself with equal zeal and commitment.
Hope I get through it all.

As usual i have made my set of resolutions:

1). I shall write and maintain my daily diary ( though am still looking for a beautiful diary to start doing so).

2). I shall work-out without fail. ( its high time to change my shape from round to a more feminine one).

3). I am gonna revert back to my old time habit of keeping up personal relationship with God ( Its my experience that He/ She is a great buddy but equally worse enemy.... )

4). I am going to try to be more feminine. I am gonna try to grow nails, have a fancy hair cut, keep my tresses and skin pampered with the basics- Henna, pedicure, massage and whatever craps they say, carry an umbrella against the sun( Gosh , that already sounds impossible), even try to change the way i walk [ This resolution am sure i'll have to break at some point of time].

Guys, believe me its real hard to be feminine, and all those gals who do it or are born that way, my Hats off to you!

5). I am gonna remember my friends B'days and at least drop in a line of email or an ecard without fail and ON TIME.

( i always want to do this, but i dont know how i mess it up. i just am too lazy i suppose- But for my friends attention, believe me whether u get my card or not, call or not, email or not ; if u were ever one of my close frineds, u are there in my heart in the special corners for u.)

6). Am gonna study laboriously, atleast for the initial 5-6 months [Hope I do not suffer from brain damage- caused out of over work. ]

7). I will try my level best to control my anger and my mood swings.

8). I will try to be more diplomatic and try not to hurt even those nasty pigs who occasionally bring me to the verge of murder .

[But its actually nice to be myself and scream the frustration out and to be least bothered to think of the outcome ].

9). I will keep my room clean and will try to keep it that way for more than a week; also i will do the maintainance work every weekend too ( Gosh! am gonna miss all my rubbish)

10). Read newspapers and magazines regularly (compulsorily).

Thats all that the list holds. Small list.... but only I know how difficult it would be to successfully conquer these.

What if all this happens???

Lo and Behold...
I am gonna be someone else, who would be a complete stranger even to myself..

lol; but if its for good, am game for it..

2008, am ready for you [ in battle gear ] ...