Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year 2008 .

New Year New Year. :)

the beginning is too good. hope it goes on just like this..

this new year has in store for me ample crucial issues:
All of which I have taken upon myself with equal zeal and commitment.
Hope I get through it all.

As usual i have made my set of resolutions:

1). I shall write and maintain my daily diary ( though am still looking for a beautiful diary to start doing so).

2). I shall work-out without fail. ( its high time to change my shape from round to a more feminine one).

3). I am gonna revert back to my old time habit of keeping up personal relationship with God ( Its my experience that He/ She is a great buddy but equally worse enemy.... )

4). I am going to try to be more feminine. I am gonna try to grow nails, have a fancy hair cut, keep my tresses and skin pampered with the basics- Henna, pedicure, massage and whatever craps they say, carry an umbrella against the sun( Gosh , that already sounds impossible), even try to change the way i walk [ This resolution am sure i'll have to break at some point of time].

Guys, believe me its real hard to be feminine, and all those gals who do it or are born that way, my Hats off to you!

5). I am gonna remember my friends B'days and at least drop in a line of email or an ecard without fail and ON TIME.

( i always want to do this, but i dont know how i mess it up. i just am too lazy i suppose- But for my friends attention, believe me whether u get my card or not, call or not, email or not ; if u were ever one of my close frineds, u are there in my heart in the special corners for u.)

6). Am gonna study laboriously, atleast for the initial 5-6 months [Hope I do not suffer from brain damage- caused out of over work. ]

7). I will try my level best to control my anger and my mood swings.

8). I will try to be more diplomatic and try not to hurt even those nasty pigs who occasionally bring me to the verge of murder .

[But its actually nice to be myself and scream the frustration out and to be least bothered to think of the outcome ].

9). I will keep my room clean and will try to keep it that way for more than a week; also i will do the maintainance work every weekend too ( Gosh! am gonna miss all my rubbish)

10). Read newspapers and magazines regularly (compulsorily).

Thats all that the list holds. Small list.... but only I know how difficult it would be to successfully conquer these.

What if all this happens???

Lo and Behold...
I am gonna be someone else, who would be a complete stranger even to myself..

lol; but if its for good, am game for it..

2008, am ready for you [ in battle gear ] ...


Sketches from a Writer's Album said...

meenakshi good one
set your goal and tore it the very next day that was my policy hahahah

Meshrum said...

Wishing you luck to keep your resolutions for a longer time as you can.
By the way, about those nasty pigs, don't murder them. But instead show them where they belong- In the pig-sty!