Sunday, January 06, 2008


Illusions don't last long...
Nor do wishes...
However hopes do last till one dies...

Am dead ;

no illusions, no wishes, no dreams, no hopes.

The only thing that reminds me of life is the jarring pain that lingers;

lingers as a continuum and omnipotent.

( Photo cortesy : Mr Arun Syamalan )


ShEkHaR said...


the Crying image is so senti
mere aankh me Paani aa gaya


Illusions don't last long
Wishes don't last long
Hopes fades
Dreams fades


Imagination lingers forever

Omnipotent & Continuum is nothing in front of IMAGINATION (In My Opinion),.

to be continued....

kookiejar said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by..... sorry to hear about your short-lived matchbox fascination.... but I guess your dad quitting smoking makes up for it!
Here I'm trying hard to do so.... : )

ShEkHaR said...
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