Saturday, September 12, 2009


It is the month of September. Yet another Birthday. There surely isn't any excitement or counting of days to the birthday as it used to be till a few years ago; but surely there is a warm feeling deep inside. This birthday is sort of important to me. Technically, this is going to be my last single birthday; the birthday that brings me to the age which I had told my parents I would be ready for marriage. Gosh, about 2-3 years ago, I really did feel that when am 24 years old, I shall be ready to be married,take up the marital responsibilities,be mature to deal with a new life and relations,take wise decisions,be emotionally prepared to be a wife. But except the fact that my perspective of life has changed a bit, I really haven't matured as much as I expected myself too. Marriage still seems a bit scary and makes me feel awfully nervous; but guess it's like the pre-stage fright that I  had ever since I can remember. I would have trembling knees,sweating palms and a throbbing heart till my name is called and I get on stage;after that all that matters is that I give my best shot & always end up happy with whatever the result. I might not always end up with the first prize, but I never ended up a loser.

So waiting for my name to be called and to enter the stage.