Saturday, September 12, 2009


It is the month of September. Yet another Birthday. There surely isn't any excitement or counting of days to the birthday as it used to be till a few years ago; but surely there is a warm feeling deep inside. This birthday is sort of important to me. Technically, this is going to be my last single birthday; the birthday that brings me to the age which I had told my parents I would be ready for marriage. Gosh, about 2-3 years ago, I really did feel that when am 24 years old, I shall be ready to be married,take up the marital responsibilities,be mature to deal with a new life and relations,take wise decisions,be emotionally prepared to be a wife. But except the fact that my perspective of life has changed a bit, I really haven't matured as much as I expected myself too. Marriage still seems a bit scary and makes me feel awfully nervous; but guess it's like the pre-stage fright that I  had ever since I can remember. I would have trembling knees,sweating palms and a throbbing heart till my name is called and I get on stage;after that all that matters is that I give my best shot & always end up happy with whatever the result. I might not always end up with the first prize, but I never ended up a loser.

So waiting for my name to be called and to enter the stage.


blunt edges said...

whoaaaa...marriage plans ha? all the best :D:D:D

Meenakshi said...

@ Blunt Edges..

Thanks buddy..

Wish me luck..i need a lot of it. :)

lijin cherian jacob said...

gud luck .all the best.

Meenakshi said...

@ Lijin

Thanks a lot, for visiting my blog, reading, commenting and for the wish... :)

Aman said...

"last single birthday..!!"


sajith viswam said...

An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband.
Wish u one!!

Its been long visiting ur blogg... When I came its wedding bell for u!! Enjoy life baby!!!

buggy said...
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buggy said...

marriage?..wht marriage?....whose marriage?....wht a tragedy!!...hey happpy birthdayyy

Meenakshi said...

@Aman : it surely seems like it would be my last single birthday.. looking at the bright side, I'd have more people to give me presents and to celebrate with me on my next birthday. Yipee to that. :)

@ Sajith
I tend to disagree there. It was being tough on the guys.. It's an effort from both sides to be a good husband or wife, being ideal spouse is surely not a one sided game, it takes a hell lot of trouble from both the sides. I am prepared to do it, wish me that I get a guy who too is ready for the extra effort (or at least any effort)


yeah! you have named yourself aptly - Buggy. Though you were one of the very few friends who knew, you had to put this act here, huh!!

and am really waiting for the day when I call you and you have a different expression from.."huh!#$$#% who??@!$!%! whhhaaattt???#$!#%^ .." Hope it happens before I die.


workhard said...

Hey wish u all the best for ur married life

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Ekanthapadhikan said...

"Last single birthday". Lol! I wish you all the best. But you're just 24, as I grab it from your profile. Don't you think it's little early? I mean, have you seen enough of men to know what kind they are? How many breeds of them exist? Do you know how they look at life and what their priorities are? What their emotional needs are? Good that you're prepared for marriage. But, have you thought enough?

I'm saying this 'coz in this present age a "marriage" is something that has the least shelf-life. Now, I don't want to scare a young girl. But don't make haste.

Meenakshi said...


at last someone is talking somethign that I am realting to. This si exactly the point I had been trying to convince my parents of. I have no idea of " breeds" of men.

I think its too early, but no one else seems to agree.I am prepared, yes. Don't know how, but my marriage life has to have the shelf life till am alive; 'cos I don't think I'd give myself a second chance on that and I'd do everything in my power to see to it that the guy doesn't wish for a second chance too.. hehehe :)