Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Solution

At last, i have found a way to make my vote count..

Thanks to my usual dose of reading random blogs, I came across a post from Chavvi in her blog " Nothing is Certain".

Go through it, the link to the post is .

Its great to know,that if there are just rotten apples in the bag,i can actually go and tell the authorities that i do not vote for anybody.

That is, rather than sitting home and choosing not to vote,in effect letting corrupt people become my representatives, I can walk up to the voting booth and say the same thing - that i would not vote for any of the rotten apples u have given me to choose from; and still make a difference with it.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, and its a light which can be beneficial if all of us find it together, so lets hold hand and show others the light too.. The voter must know that he can study each candidate and if he does not find any worthy of his Vote,he can choose to Vote for nobody .

Most of us are ignorant of the fact and most of us we know might be unaware of such an option too. So as responsible citizens, lets take it upon ourselves to spread the word as much as it goes..


Anonymous said...

Hello Meenakshi

I stumbled onto your blog through the followers list. You didn't leave any comments on mine:( So I don't know what you think of it.

I loved your write ups. And you manage to update so many blogs! I am following this one. :)

And I have to thank you for this post. I didn't know that No Vote was a reality! Now I know what to do this time round. I feel a third party will come in power in the center this year. So I don't see the point!

buggy said...
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buggy said...
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buggy said...
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buggy said...

....what world class crap u keep writin mynasskiii...heheheh..keep it up...i can't stop praising u!!

Meenakshi said...

not praising me Renju ... u can't stop bugging me... :)

but still i enjoy the bugging..its better than, ""duh!!what?#$%$^ Who ??!$@%%^$ "

buggy said...

its better than what!!!!duh?..who uses that kinda langauge!!..not a sophisticated human syndrome....i lie to encourage u and this is what i get!!!ahh..what topsyturvy world

chhavi said...

Hey I didn't know you were keeping track of my post since this long!!
well I am feeling good and proud right now
Keep blogging!

JayGopalan said...

hey, nice to be here
I think you should cast your vote because you can. In a lot of countries people are actually craving to vote and contribute toward the formation of their government but they just can’t because they don’t live in a democracy.

Go early with a friend or someone and have fun. Also, it would be an appreciation of the effort India is making toward progress in spite of all the limitations. Please see elections in India in Wiki.
Look at it positively; India is one of the very few countries where electronic voting machines (EVMs) are used exclusively. They tried the EVMs in the US but had to go back to paper because people in some states found it hard to use the electronic machines, ha, ha.

I know a lot youngsters today have a “whatever, I don’t care” attitude when it comes to elections. The policies these (elected )guys make may affect everybody in some ways. I am glad that you seem to care. Lately there are many resources available like youtube where candidates talk about various social and economic issues; you maybe able to get an idea what kind of persons they are and take a chance. India is a miracle, things will happen despite all these crooks. And it has been proved be true for the fact that India will soon be a major economy in the world.

I appreciate your view if we the public could have a say in the selection of candidates.
That is something we should look forward to.

I am not a political person. However I vote for practical reasons. I look at federal Lok Sabha elections and the Kerala state elections differently. I support a major party (that I believe has a better chance to form a majority government) candidate for the central elections like the one happening now, hoping their government will be better for the overall infrastructure and other development of our country as a whole. Also, if we send a lot that party’s MPs to parliament there is a better chance that Kerala will not be ignored.

And I will vote for a different major party candidate for the State elections, hoping their government will have a better chance of keeping our state stable and not in chaos; free from strikes and hartals, cuz if they come into power their people don’t strike. If it is other way around it would be hell! It would be like strike every other day. And these guys are less corrupt and pretty forward when it comes to social issues too, I guess.

I wouldn’t vote for smaller party candidates; they may, if elected, lead to the formation of coalition governments that are unstable and a mess and will eventually lead to the premature collapse of government and a re election – a burden to the tax payer.

Hashir Tufail said...

Checked out Chhavi's blog, and as I had guessed, it talked about the article 49-O if the Indian constitution.
The claim that if sufficient number of people vote for "Nobody", a re-election will take place is just a hoax and nothing more (read this -
BTW, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my post.

buggy said...

woahh.....listen to that load of,,,...hey mynakss!!...what is all hullibulli about ...what write up u refering to?....

Meenakshi said...

renju buggy.. to know that u must read my blog.. :P

m not going to feed ur laziness,read it out to u, give u a summary and then wait for ur expert bugging comments.. :P

u'll hv to read ti and find reasons to bug me yourself.. waiting for more comments from u :)

buggy said...
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buggy said...

hooy woman!!!..dnt take my name in vain!!! many timzz i have to tell ya!!....holy !@@@@

Meenakshi said...


renju.. renju... renju..

m just not used to call u buggy..had i known u so well from the beginning,i might have got used to calling u buggy.. the name just suits u too well.

Meenakshi said...


Hey thanks for the info. now this seems like not just an unreliable option,but also a dangerous one. Where I am included in the voter's list, politics is a synonym to violence...

And for some years to come, i hope not to put my head so deep into politics as to offend any of them openly, resulting in Meenakshi chops.. (grrr.. bad idea)

buggy said...


sajith viswam said...

I Vote! U??