Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pied Piper

Just happened to be sitting in front of the Television trying to make sense of the absurd family drama going on, in the serial my mom had been religiously watching; while I was trying hard to hold a conversation with my parents. Eventually the time for commercial break came up and my parents turned to me with full attention to hear whatever I was trying to say to them.

 That's when I saw the "Simply Reliance Ad" starring Hrithick about some new plan of theirs. Its not the theme that pulled me to it, neither Hrithick (though he looks much better with those curly baby hair), not even the cool moves - it was the music played on flute. Beautiful composition and wonderfully rendered. Am enchanted! The ad gets over and I yearn to hear it again... Then I realize that my mom was accusing me of having my eyes & attention glued onto the TV while they were trying to have conversation with me...

Excuse me! wasn't I the one waiting here for the past 10 minutes watching some dreaded emotionally overloaded crap trying to talk to you?? No wonder I quit watching TV about 7 years ago. I was saved from the tongue -lashing when the serial resumed. I haven't watched TV not even for a stretch of half hour for the past 7 years and they think am addicted??? Addicted to my lappy - yea maybe I'd agree, my books - I surrender to the crime, music - worth it ; but TV - no way! Just not my cuppa tea. 

Keep your TV & those serials, Talent shows to yourself.. am quite content in my world of books, music,writing & working... Yes , I do miss good Ads ...


blunt edges said...

i did see the ad...didn't pay much attention 2 the music though! will lend my ear 2 it the next time around :)

Meenakshi said...

@ blunt edges- yeah sure do.. lemme know what you felt of it once you have. 'cos i'd really like to know if i like this because
*i haven't watched the better ones.. *or am partial to flute music..
*or am just going through the after effects of T.V deprivation.
*Or if this is really a good one.


Ekanthapadhikan said...

Hi that mentioning of ads cannot be a chance thing. Are you working for some ad agency? Sorry if I asked you a personal question. Silence is good enough an answer to that.

And ye! I to quit watching TV years before and these soaps make me puke. I do take a glimpse of what's going in there though. I say Samuel Becket would be sitting and scratching his head if he ever watches one of these shows. It's absurdity personified in many characters. It's now that I'm missing those good old Chndrakatha, Duck's Tales and Tail Spin and the lot. And the only malayalam serials I remember watching are Oru Kudayum Kunjupengalum, Chrappai and Mandan Kunju. I don't remember the story lines though!

Meenakshi said...

@ Ekan

lol.. as a matter of fact -No. am not working an Ad agency. I work in an Animation company.

Yea I too liked the
Chandrakantha & Ducktales and tom & jerry and the types.. but never seen the malayalam serials you mentioned about. T.V time was always restricted to enable more study time, so i chose the cartoons.