Sunday, October 01, 2006


Birthdays used to seem so important when I was a kid……now they seem so much like an ordinary day…as a kid I used to start counting the days left for my birthday from mid-august itself…now, I don’t feel the excitement even on 21st eve….never mind…till now, my 18th,20th and 21st(the one I celebrated last month) are the best…my 18th bday was in Bangalore with my hostel mates and sister & jijaji…20th Bday in a camp in Army area,Pangode(tvm)….and this last bday in my home and in college with the best people in my life… people who I know will be with me throughout my life… Bday I might be physically away from them….but ill be in their hearts just as they will be in mine…I might never again have a Bday like the one I just had…but I hope for the sake of that day of the year ,I commit no mistake to hurt the feelings of my loved ones, commit no mistake that they wont be able to forgive, commit no mistake that would shatter my self-love or self-esteem…….

Anyway, that entire aside…this year’s Bday-22 September 2006 was in all sense a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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