Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Blogging has sort of become my hobby. Mmm…not bad. At least it would save me the amount I yearly spend on diaries. I enjoy and love reading the diaries I have written before; at times they seem too silly to be true. However it’s nice to get in touch with the emotions I experienced in past situations; although the situation elicits a very different emotion/reaction in me now….but I love the innocence, the naive ness in me then….5 years down the lane, when I turn back and read this, maybe ill have similar feelings...Hehehe

Another good thing is ill be able to get myself in the reach of farther generations. my diaries will hardly last till my children’s generation ;-)…but blogs will surely get to my great great grandchildren. They’ll know how their great great grandmother was and a bond of familiarity will be maintained with my “Blood-lings” much after I’m gone…hehehe…sounds silly, huh???

Yep!!!My silly evaluations of the past, silly visions of the unseen future ….and the seemingly sane present.........

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Manik Nath said...

hiee...minu once more with comments....hehehe...but really your feelings about diary and writing about one's own life is very interesting the best part is that when we write them we are so deeply involved and once we read them and go back in our life after some time say six months to couple of years they really seem to be so silly but they really are a good way of what they call "Learning from life" even i used write my life in a diary and when i go back in life it all seems so silly things i have done in life..but this posting of yours does show up the very emotional side of you.....be emotional and keep goin minu....wish you all the luck..
Care & Regards