Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear F.M.N.C

A phase of life seems so beautiful and unforgettable especially when it nears its end….

I felt it when my school days in St. Theresa’s was ending, when my school days in Amrita were ending….true, I still feel the same…but the feeling that ‘existence beyond this would be bland’ vanished much before I thought it would…I never found college life as wonderful or golden as many say...I simply fail to attach any such flowery adjective to my college life….maybe because I always compare it to my two wonderful school life experiences; I mean all aspects…the principal, the teachers, the classmates, the non teaching staff, the psychological environment, everything…The college is so different. Supposedly more free than school; but everything and anything the student does is scrutinized under the glare of suspicion .maybe that is just the characteristic of my college, which is unanimously adjudged by the students as lower primary school...Hehehe…but that too seems weird; a college that is famous and reputed provides a different life from that of a local college where no one cares what u do and have no concern about reaping good results or good individuals. Then what is the real college life? The one a reputed college provides or the one the normal college gives? should we compromise with our future for being able to enjoy the college life?...i knew I don’t want to compromise with it…I didn’t care about having a good time…I already had lots and knew would have more fun days ahead if I make something out of myself..

So college life was quite without excitement for me. it was quite automatic..Studies, my beloved extra-curricular, my books, the library….

But now when I have just months left before I bid adieu to this campus ; I look back and can remember so many events that make me think, I was lucky to have come here to study…I’ll miss this college life, my classmates, my seniors, my juniors, the department, the professors, our “Achhayan”(our lab assistant, we call him achhayan-his name is Yesudas and he is also a writer with many Malayalam books to his credit.),the Achhayans of Botany Department which is next to our department, the Achhayans in the library, the girls canteen, the ice cream parlor of our college, the cooperative store…….

I’ll miss u F.M.N.C………………. :-(

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