Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Official Announcement.

I am Engaged! I have found the guy I would be spending my life with and a new family am absolutely in love with. My parents are more happy than I can tell and surprisingly, I am happy too.

We would be getting married only next year.. In the meanwhile, we have an official license to some romance-time.

There are a whole load of episodes, tensed nerves and absolutely bonkers times before I could say the above lines. They shall soon be shared.

[ Believe it or not: This was the exact wording on the notice put up on the Display board on the Reception of the Hotel we got engaged in. Pun or error? I think the later, but can't be sure. Luckily people were so engrossed in everything else, no one other than me and my brother in law found anything amiss in the wordings. My Jijaji; my sister's husband assures me that whoever did it couldn't ever be more right. "You are encaged till you are completely trapped". lol. so planning to enjoy this  "encagement" period. Any suggestions,please? ]


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I have never been encaged before. Oh wait no I have been encaged, just never engaged! LOL!

Best wishes to you and your fiance!

ShEkHaR said...

Hi Meenakshi;
Congrats! love the announcement board:)

Meenakshi said...

@ Christiejolu: Thnaks dear..

lol, so atleast you have been encaged before. hahaha.. hope the engagement comes soon.

@ Shekhar:

hi.. really Shekhar, can you believe it? they actually did it in the Dona Castle Hotel in Kollam, which happens to be a 4 star hotel.. they call it insight when it happen in a Star

But otherwise, they did do a pretty good job in making the encagement ceremony a really happy and memorable one..

blunt edges said... that's a pleasant surprise :D

never been no suggestions...all i can say is: CONGRATULATIONS! :D:D:D

n lol at the board...i wouldn't call it an error ;)

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Hi Meenakshiji! So happy to hear that news. And that announcement board is absolutely fabulous!

Meenakshi said...

@ Ekan time I go to the hotel, i shall let them know that most of my blogger friends found the board quite amusing and i shall certainly give the idea to people organizing your encagement ceremony in the future.. what say??

ASR said...

u might b d 1st person to get 'encaged' in dis world.... congrats...n wish u in advance a happy married life with 2 dozen crying children

Euphonical said...

Congrats!!! The announcement board was funny indeed!! :-)

BTW you have blocked bloggers from wordpress to comment! :-( Have to log in using google account!

Firefoxcub said...

ha ha that's hilarious dude. maybe when u get married the board will say "beds" instead of "weds". Ha ha. was that over the line? I hope not!!! well congrats again.
-- anisha

Meenakshi said...

@ASR thanks! and save your wish for yourself in future :P . as if encaged and trapped isn't enough, a dozen kids ??#$^%$^$%$#@!#@^&

danxx... yeah even me wondering if the people at the hotel actually purposefully put it as a warning board. must contact them.

thank u!
about blocking, I haven't done anything purposefully. Would look into it. I just checked as per your instructions n found that I havn't blocked anonymous comments. So, must be something else.trying to unravel the mystery.

@Firefox cub
Anishhhaaaaaaa, grt to hear from you! Gosh! thats a scary thought. especially since in Mall tradition on the welcome banner they have the bride's name first. if it was the groom's name first, i wouldn't have worried much n' joined in the laugh. you know Gireesh beds Meenakshi seems much much better('cos it happens eventually) than Meenakshi beds Gireesh. It would make me sound like "u know wat" . I shall surely keep an eye on the banner before others get to have a look at it(to avoid catastrophic errors).
Thanks dear.. nothing's over the line. Even if someone thinks it is, do you (or in this matter even me) give a f*** about it???