Saturday, April 07, 2007


Being a Woman,i know and can feel a strange sense of unknown superiority and at the same time a strange sense of submission.I have felt the Ups and at times the deep Downs.and i know that i have so much more to witness in life.Despite the huge coverage of woman-suffering,i feel no dread of the future.not just because i know i am a member of the "safer" women in the world but because i have a Dream.A dream i will strive hard to live.
The path may not be easy,I am sure,but I know I will attain it.I know I can.At a much earlier age,when i was just stepping out of my childhood and the womanly realities in life were staring hard at my face,I had spent several weeks crying over being born a girl.Contrary thoughts were not easy to develop.When freedom was an issue,i always lost because i am a girl.I love seeing and talking to the stars in a solitary calm place,but where can i get it except at the terrace of my home;again since i am a girl.The pain associated in being a woman also irked me a lot.Why should God be so partial to Men???Why should Women always be the sacrificers???Why should Women bear with pain for almost all the best years of their life while Men are spared???Why should only Women be given the cumbersome experience and pain of giving birth to a child???Why didn't God give Men the ability to bear child as well???Why should some things be so pleasurable for men while the same activities are painful and dreaded by women???Why does certain behaviour by the Men are forgiven/forgotten/never seen as wrong whereas the same from a Woman evokes wrath.
These strings of negative thoughts on being a girl flooded my brains for almost all my early teenage.But these thought have changed so drastically now,that i myself am astonished.
God knew that Men would never be able to tolerate emotional and physical pain(exceptions allowed-but talking about the general findings here) for so long and for such prolonged manner.God knew that only a Woman can give birth to a child and love him/her more than oneself.God knows that women alone can be epitomes of sacrifice and unconditional love.God chose only Woman to give birth to kids because He knew that only Women can don His role and give such effective assistance to His work of loving and caring for all of His creations.Woman is superior by the way they are capable of giving birth to a child;by bringing up the child effectively;by influencing the life of her family so prominently yet so subtly;by being emotionally manifold stronger;by bearing all pain with a smile throughout;by giving love,care and pleasure to an entire household;by being the strongest pillar of her family;by cooking,washing,cleaning,etc. showing that she is the centre of their life without whom life would be pathetic,hard,dirtyand hay-wire;by sacrificing her pleasures and choices for her family or rather blending her choices and pleasures with those of the others and thus getting happiness from them.She is submissive by way of her love;by the way she let go of things,by the way she is ready to do/bear anything for the well-being or happiness of her home;and through so many other ways...all acts of submissiveness yet projecting her greatness without fail.

Women again are not all good,just as all Men are not all good.But when a Man is not good,a good Woman can bring him back to goodness with her love and her will-power.But get a Woman who is not good and employ scores of good men for years on end,yet one cannot bring her to change what she is...Thats why someone great said that"A woman decides the fate of a family".
I am proud and happy that i have a good woman as my mother,and i wish that i live up to be a good Woman as well.

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