Saturday, April 28, 2007

Motivator : (Part 1) - Radhika Nair

This is going to be a series of the most important motivators in my life uptill now....This is my way of saying to them how special they are for me and how much I will be their 'cheli ' allthrough my life,no matter what position I achieve in life.

The first and foremost motivator for me was none other than my sister,Radhika Nair.She was and is the most important of all my motivators.She was the one who initiated me into the world of writing poems,stories,articles,etc.She made me believe that the careless jottings i made behind my notebooks were quite nice poetry in themselves.I thought about it and gave few touches to one such scribbling and Chechu sent it to a local newspaper named "National Mail ".Thats how my first poem was published in a newspaper when i was in 5th...It was so thrilling.
Then came the studying part.She was the only person at home who said that it was not necessary to get cent percent marks in the exam,but just to make sure that u always keep up an above average performance in studies.She was the only person at home who motivated and encouraged me to read library books,and surprisingly not necessarily the encyclopedias or quiz books but to explore the fiction section too..which i did quite happily and with a zeal that still hasn't left me.Thanx to her am in love with books ,the way I am.She was the one who motivated me to participate in competitions to excel in performance not just to win prizes-she always said that prizes were just bonus,it is important to go on stage and perform your best.She was the one who made me feel at ease on stage.She was the one who always made me feel that I am the best.She was the one who always had her way of making me do just as she wants.She was and is the only one I admire without any boundaries and get inspired from anytime.She was the one who successfully bridged the huge age-gap between us with so much elan,that i felt that I too must have kids with huge age-gaps.She was the only human in the world I felt hurt on hurting.She was such an ideal sister,daughter,friend,teacher(though she could be a devil on the nights before my Maths exam-especially when she asked me questions in the middle of the night till when she would keep me awake to teach me----how i hated her on those nights just before the maths exams),{and now-}wife,mother,etc that she inspires me to deliver the life-roles in my life in the best possible manner too.She was the first one to direct me to my ambiton in life.She was the one who gave me the courage to dream about it.She was the one who told me I had wings with enough strength to fly over to those high clouds she had helped me to fix gaze at.
Had it not been for her,I would certainly not have ended up the way I have.She was the one who taught me to dream.She was the one who gave me the right wind to fly and explore my chances in life.She was the first one to put her complete trust on me.She was the one who fought for me to give me the freedom she never got.Though now, she kind-of cribs that I am given too much freedom which she was completely deprived of,I know she is thoroughly happy that I have grown to be an independent girl(ofcourse she does regrets at times that a bit too much independent{lol,but wat in this world doesn't have a side-effect})

This acknowledgement was long due to her.But even if said or not,her role in making me what I am is inevitably relevant.She might know all this ,but there is something she might not know,because of the way I am;so mysterious and shy to express my deep feelings-the way I feel for her...Chechu,you are one of the most precious gem in my life....Love you more than I would ever confess in words.


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apologies for bothering you. i've been looking for a childhood friend, very dear friend actually and her name too was radhika nair. she too had a sister. i was hoping if you could tell me, did your sister go to army public school, new delhi? if yes then please write to me at and if not, then i'm sorry for bothering you. take care.