Sunday, April 15, 2007


My earlier post on woman had my personal opinion of a woman....but i read in a book about the making of God ; and am I smiling and nodding in acceptace???Yes I am....the words and the imagination of creation of woman is so pure and so enchanting that i have decided to put it on my blog...

wat follows(in bold italics) is not my original work of writing but the lines i remember from that book ....

"...The Creator took the roundness of the moon,the flexibility of a clinging vine and the trembling of grass,the slenderness of a reed and the blossoming of flowers,the lightness of leaves and the serenity of the rays of sunshine,the tears of the clouds and the instability of the wind,the fearfullness of a rabbit and the vanity of a peacock,the softness of a bird's breast and the hardness of diamond,the sweetness of honey and the cruelty of a tiger,the burning of fire and the coolness of snow,the talkativeness of a magpie and the singing of a nightingale,the falseness of a crane and the faithfullness of a mother lion.

Mixing all these non-solid elements together,the Creator created the WOMAN..."

The wide conflict of behaviour and temperament in a woman and among women is brought out subtly in the above words and there would surely be one or more attributes of a woman we would agree as true and correlating to the opinion and experience on women from the day to day life we lead in the society..........

whether that opinion is good or bad,one has to agree that Woman is a unique creation of God....Without whom the propagation of life in itself would be doomed!!!


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