Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another New Year- 2009

So, 2008 just vanished!

Even after a whole week since New Year, i haven't yet made up my mind about the Resolutions for this year; especially because the entire list of last year's resolutions are still just resolutions.

hmmm.. ok i shall carry over the whole of last year's resolutions:

and add just one more to it...

* I shall quit( or atleast try to reduce) being such a lazy - bone.

[ Photo courtesy: Some genius who shares my ideology clan]


ShEkHaR said...

2008 was like Wicked Snow Queen for me!!!

ShEkHaR said...

2008 was struggling,
I lost lot of valuable (materialistic) things, along with my usual comfort,
And it was almost over in the end of the year,
It’s like I was captive of year2008.
Like the boy Kay in fairytale The Snow Queen,
Snow Queen successfully kidnapped the boy in that story.
(Apart from that; I love to use the parallel from fairy tales and stuff,)
aur han ,The Raven dekhaneke liye Dhanywad,
comments karneka na, niche hi tha,…..
Jaanede abhi.
The Raven is my tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, on his 200th birth anniversary, this Jan 19,
On that occasion my article “Making of The Raven”
is going to publish in ‘Passion for Cinema’ website,
aur kuch chalu hai kya writing??
This is the best time for you,.
Write write,
Kuch bhi likh yar

Meenakshi said...

@ Shekhar,


keep it up.. :)