Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clean City

Trivandrum, our dear old Thiruvananthapuram is surely a beautiful place; but like most cities in India, it surely can be a bit more cleaner. It hasn't been long since I have accepted Trivandrum too as "my place" but have always wanted it to be more tidier from the time I started staying here. But like all Indian citizens, I kept hoping that the authorities would do something about it. Though I knew it very well that nothing would happen unless we, the people, personally get into the act.

So thats one reason to jump and meet an opportunity when it knocks my door; especially so softly. A few yopungsters have joined hands and have come up with an initiative 'Tidy City' ( ). So for the first activity, which happens to be a 2 hour Trivandrum Museum clean up on teh 1st of February( ), I have joined in. I was happy to see that 10 of my friends in office too wanted to join and give a helping hand. So that sets 11 of us (the numbers might grow) marching towards the Museum on Sunday, of course in addition with a lot others. If any of my readers in Trivandrum would like to join us, Please do!!!


ShEkHaR said...

All the Best!!!

Hashir Tufail said...

How did the drive go? Hope it was a great success.

Meenakshi said...

@ Hashir,

the drive went superb and the best part is it is going on and getting stronger. we have had members from other cities in India join up and they r involved in making their cities tidier too..

Hope bits and pieces( and more in future,if everything goes as per hope) helps our country be a better place..